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Zaki Kabob House

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We stumbled upon this new-ish restaurant on New Years Eve. It’s in the spot where Christopher’s Taxi used to be (1101 San Pablo Ave, Albany), and we had heard it was good. That night we just got the spicy lamb shawarmas and they were great! There was one stereotypical Berkeley lady in there who wouldn’t shut up about politics with the owners. They are Muslim and she apparently had to prove how cool she was to them by going into the whole thing about the middle east. I agreed with most of what I overheard, but dinner isn’t really the place for that. But then again I guess that’s part of the experience of casual dining near Berkeley. A few weeks later my mom was visiting, so the whole family went in. They’re super family friendly. The owners have a young son who is usually around and very well behaved (though he must be bored out of his skull). We got an assortment of stuff to share… a whole roasted chicken, hummous, falafel, a chicken shawarma plate, a lamb shawarma, the Jordan style salad and a basket of fries. They bring out fresh mint tea and warm pita bread with an olive oil and oregano dip to start. The food was excellent! The chicken was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, infused with great spices. And the best part was that this huge and delicious dinner for 4 came in just around $40.

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