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Pipsqueak A Go Go

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Pipsqueak a go go is a rock and roll dance party for kids. There’s a DJ spinning all sorts of cool retro music that kids and grown ups enjoy. They also have bands, clowns, and the Devil-ettes: a troupe of 60’s style go-go dancers who do routines and teach the kids some cool dance moves. And it’s in a bar, so parents can let the kids dance while they get their drink on (in moderation, of course! Let’s encourage responsible parenting, people.). Anyone with kids knows that sometimes kids’ entertainment can be incredibly grating on our adult sensibilities. Just hearing Elmo’s voice makes me want to tear my own head off. So it’s really nice for parents to bring their kids to something fun for them and for us. The next one is coming up on Nov. 9th, from 1-4pm at 330 Ritch St in San Francisco. It’s a little alley down near the ballpark with a great stage and dance floor. More info is here.


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