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Gate 5 Caregivers

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There’s a new medical marijuana dispensary in Marin County! I was planning on checking out the one in Fairfax, but when I was searching for it I found that a brand new one opened up in Sausalito which is a little bit easier for me to get to from my job. It’s called Gate 5 Caregivers, and it’s not particularly easy to find. I’m used to East Bay dispensaries which operate out of storefronts, so when I got to the place where this one should have been and didn’t see any signs, I called them up and they directed me to an unmarked door in an alleyway. I showed my doctors recommendation folder to the guy outside who let me in and directed me to the front desk where they checked out my papers (on subsequent visits I only have to show my Medicann card), verified my recommendation and sent me to the back room. They had a blackboard with all of the strains listed and priced at gram, eighth oz and quarter oz quantities, ranging from $30-$50 for an eight. Everything is packaged in prescription bottles. You can also buy pre-rolled joints for $10 or 7 for $50 which is a great deal since these are really big spliffs, very well rolled. They also have edibles and hashes. The staff in the back room were very helpful and friendly, and as far as I’ve sampled, the medicine is very good quality and the prices are really good. Unlike my usual dispensary in Berkeley, they don’t have a lounge where you can medicate or offer any supplies for sale, but they make up for it with their prices and convenience.


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