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Hotel Mac

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Friday night my aunt and uncle were visiting and they took us out to the Hotel Mac for dinner. It’s a historic old hotel in Point Richmond with very homey rooms and a pretty good restaurant and bar. The bar fills up with a mix of touorists and Chevron suits as soon as work lets out, and I always get back from my job too late to enjoy their $3 happy hour specials. Stella (2.5 yrs old for the majority of readers here who don’t know me from elsewhere) has been behaving better at restaurants lately, so we thought it would be safe to let her try eating someplace a little fancy again. We tried taking here there once before, over a year ago when my mom was visiting, and she didn’t really behave very well at all. This time was not much different. She started out OK, but then started freaking out. We had to drag her outside kicking and screaming and getting glares from the other customers. Yay! We finally calmed her down and brought her back in and there was a pint of Guiness waiting for me which definitely helped. I ordered short ribs with a beer/barbecue glaze and mashed potatoes with carmelized onions, my aunt and wife both got the prime rib, and my uncle got the pot roast. We got a side of macaroni and cheese for Stella, opting against the pancetta option for her. It came out first, molten hot, and she got rather impatient as we put some on a plate and stirred it around to cool it down. My aunt put an ice cube in it and Stella started whining “no ice cube NO ICE CUBE!” My wife and I split an heirloom tomato mozzarella pesto salad which was amazing (though would have been better with big slices of fresh mozzarella instead of the little balls). Our entres came out and they were delicious and huge. I was stuffed before I was halfway done with the last piece of meat, but I finished it anyway because I’m an asshat. The next day at lunch we had sliced prime rib leftovers in a salad. All in all it was pretty tasty, though the prices make you expect it to be a little better than it is. And while the service was excellent, I would not recommend bringing kids. Now if I can only make it to happy hour and enjoy some $3 oysters!


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