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The Steam Trains

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Berkeley’s Tilden Park has a ton of great stuff to do, and I’m sure I’ll be hitting on many of them on this blog. This park is way high up in the East Bay hills, and nestled in one of the more remote areas are the steam trains. This is a small scale railroad with working steam locomotives that takes you for a 12 minute ride through redwoods and eucalyptus groves and along mountain ridges with incredible views of the bay. It’s quite possibly the best $2 you can spend in the entire Bay Area. After taking Stella there almost every weekend for months, I thought that it would make for a great location to shoot a film, and this past spring I had the opportunity to shoot a short there for a 10 hour filmmaking competition. Until I can figure out how to embed a YouTube viedo on here, you’ll have to follow this link to see it. My wife had sugested I break out of my comfort zone of comedic films, so this one is more of a crime drama. Shooting quickly at a tourist attraction with lots of little kids running around was a challenge, but I really liked the results and the folks who run the trains couldn’t have been more supportive and helpful.


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