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Burma Superstar

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For almost the whole time I lived in San Francisco proper, my wife and I had wanted to check out Burma Superstar (on yelp) on Clement in the Inner Richmond neighborhood (405 Clement between 4th and 5th aves to be exact). And for some reason or other, we never managed to get there, usually because we would drive by, see that it was packed and there was no parking anywhere close and then give up for something easier. Now that we live in the East Bay and have a toddler, it’s not always easy to just go out to a restaurant in the City. But my in-laws were babysitting for us one day recently and we finally got to try it. I had no idea what to expect from Burmese food, but my wife told me about this Tea Leaf Salad which was featured on the Food Channel and that we should try it. They brought that out on a plate with each ingredient separated and the waiter tells you which is which before tossing it at your table. I can’t remember everything in it and it was one of the most complexly flavored things I have ever eaten. I can’t remember exactly what our entres were, which is less a statement about the entres than about how incredible that salad was. We shared a curry dish and a noodle dish which both tasted a bit like a cross between Thai and Indian food and everything was garnished with strips of fried garlic. It’s an incredibly small and tightly packed place with a really cool look inside, slightly spendy and sometimes very hard to get seated but totally worth it.


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