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Hello Roxy’s Best Of!

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Hey there new readers. I’d like to thank Roxy for inviting me to offer my crazy ramblings about the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve been here just over 5 years as a transplant from the East Coast, Washington, DC by way of Hyde Park, NY to be specific. There are some differences which I find rather favorable, like the warm (mostly, depending on where you are in the area) weather, the mellow vibe, the art and culture and music scenes and the liberal politics. There are other differences which I could do without, like the scarcity of good pizza or delis, the high cost of living, and that those liberal politics that I love can sometimes be a bit too obnoxiously authoritarian PC even for me.

I look forward to giving Roxy’s readers the real scoop on this cool area, and I hope that you enjoy my perspective.


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