Roxy’s Best Of… San Francisco, California

Host Jason Buckley brings you the Best of San Francisco, California, and the Bay Area, from kid stuff (including summer camp) to restaurants to art galleries and shopping


Introducing Roxy’s Best Of… San Francisco, California, Hosted by Jason Buckley

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Welcome to Roxy’s Best Of… San Francisco, one of the very first Roxy blogs not written by Roxy. I’d like to introduce you to Jason Buckley, best known in and around the blogosphere for his blog, Washington Interns Gone Bad.

Another BlogExplosion favorite, Jason describes himself in his online profile as follows:

  • I am somewhere between 30 and 40 years old
  • I am married to a wonderful woman named Anne
  • I am the proud daddy of a sweet little girl named Stella
  • I live in San Francisco
  • I work as a graphic artist/production manager at a sign shop
  • I play bass guitar, though I’m severely out of practice
  • I make movies
  • I have an associates degree in broadcasting
  • I like good movies, but I like really bad ones, too
  • I used to be a whole lot cooler than I am now, or at least I thought that I was back then
  • I am originally from Hyde Park, NY
  • I lived in Washington, DC for 7 years
  • I used to work in politics, now it’s just an annoying hobby
  • I can sometimes be too sarcastic and cynical for my own good
  • I like a lot of different kinds of music
  • I am 3/4 Sicilian and 1/4 Euro-mutt. The 1/4 Euro-mutt means I’ll never be a made man.
  • I do not stay awake nights worrying about not being a made man.
  • I watch too many mob movies and Sopranos episodes.
  • I don’t really follow sports.
  • I have an amazing memory for all sorts of pop culture minutiae, yet I can’t remember much of what I learned in high school.


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